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Airport Name: Agra Airport or Pandit DeenDayalUpadhyay Civil Terminal
Airport Code: AGR
Airport Type: Civil Enclave
Serving Agra, Uttar Pradesh of India
Owner/Operator: Indian Air Force, Airport Authority of India, AAI
Airport Busiest Traffic Rank: N/A
Airport Address: 59/10, VIP Road, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001
365 Days Aircraft Movements N/A
Elevation: 551 m
About World Class Air Ambulance Service in Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Agra city is one of the best and visiting places in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. The Taj Mahal is world’s priceless heritage is located in this city. The prime source of people’s income is tourism as well as business. Agra Airport is a military airbase and public airport serving the people of this city. The Airforce Station is one of the largest airbases of Indian Air Force in India is here. World Class Air Ambulance Service in Agra is serving the sick people and the patients from this city to another city or abroad by medical flights. This is a whole time 24/7 Hour emergency medical transfer service facility.
There are a few world classes hi-tech super specialty hospital in this city so for the higher treatment they have to look for the other cities. World Class Air Ambulance Service from Agra is a complete advanced medic care and cure technique-based Bed-2-Bed transfer service. It is available to every needy for all the time being day-night only on a serious call. This intensive medic care and cure transfer service provides world-level best MICU Specialists and Medical Personnel regarding the severe patients.
With a reasonable cost and at least booking value, this people’s demanding World Class Air Ambulance Cost Agra always put a cost-effective demand from the guests. This aeromedical rescue service always tries to save the patients’ extra amount for this medical transport service. The whole medical journey is captured under the shadow of high-reliable medical assistances (Medical Team and Emergency Equipment) at a genuine price forever.

Why World Class Air Ambulance in Agra is Accepted by the People:
✓ Ethical n Familiar Medical Evacuation Service from one Bed to Another Bed
✓ World-reputed and highly accountable Medical Intensive Care Unit Members
✓ The Complete Medical Transfer Occurs Under the Best MICU or NICU Setups
✓ No any Bargaining Price or Unethical Cost is Said to the Guests or People
✓ The Accommodation of Patients’ Transportation is Well-Mannered and Subtle
✓ Bed-2-Bed Services always adjoins the Primary Hospital to the Destination