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Airport Name: Bareilly Airport
Airport Code: BEK
Airport Type: Military/Public
Serving Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh of India
Owner/Operator: Airports Authority of India, AAI
Airport Busiest Traffic Rank: N/A
Airport Address: Airport Area, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh 243002
365 Days Aircraft Movements N/A
Elevation: 565 m
Private Air Charter Medical Flights: King C-900, Jet Aircraft, King B-200, Pilatus, etc.
About World Class Air Ambulance Service in Bareilly, UP

Bareilly city is located at the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. There are a few higher super specialty hospitals in this city. Due to this reason, the patients of Bareilly always leave for Delhi or outer city for their better treatment. This city has a military based airport that is even publicly. World Class Air Ambulance Service in Bareilly is one of the most regarded aeromedical rescue services that is available to each class of people. This is a 24/7 Hour emergency and non-emergency service provider that has round the clock medical transport service facility.
World Class Air Ambulance Service from Bareilly is a well-responsible and high caring medical transport service. Most of the patients from Bareilly always go to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vellore, or another country for their best treatment. Absorbing the people and patients’ crisis, World Class Air Ambulance provides India’s best conducted ICU cure and setup regarding the severe patients. The whole medical journey is covered with the medical team unit and hi-tech emergency equipment. The patient does get a complete advanced medically occupied bed to bed service.
Cost is the main troublesome factor where the middle class always face difficulties. Here, World Class Air Ambulance Cost Bareilly always provide them its best cost-effective booking cost where anyone can easily get its evacuation service anytime. This people’s choice emerging aeromedical rescue service always provides its level best and transparent medical transport service for all classes at the cheap price. Any patient can easily move along with this high cure and caring service anywhere in the world.

Why World Class Air Ambulance in Bareilly is for All People:
✓ Hi-Tech and Reliable Care and Cure MICU, NICU, and CCU Services
✓ Well-Experienced and Trustful Emergency Medical ICU Specialists
✓ Each Emergency Medical Equipment Cover the Patient till Destination
✓ Lowest but Reasonable Booking Price are Familiar Part and Parcel
✓ An Advanced and ICU-Established Bed-2-Bed Medical Transfer Service