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Airport Name: Rourkela Airport
Airport Code: RRk
Airport Type: Private/Public
Serving Rourkela, Odisha
Owner/Operator: Airport Authority of India
Airport Busiest Traffic Rank: Below 50th
Airport Address: Rourkela Airport, Rourkela, Odisha 769001
365 Days Aircraft Movements N/A
Elevation: 659 m
Private Air Charter Medical Flights: Jet Aircraft, King Beechcraft B-200, King C-90, Pilatus PC 12, Citation XL, Charter Aircraft
About World Class Air Ambulance Service in Rourkela

Rourkela city is located in the northern region of Odisha in India is surrounded by a range of the hills and encircled by the rivers. This city has one of the largest steel plants named Steel Authority of India Ltd, SAIL is even known as Rourkela Steel Plant. It is one of the most industrial capitals of Odisha. Whenever the patients need emergency or non-emergency medical transport service facility going out of here to another city to improve their health or to get their higher treatment. World Class Air Ambulance Service in Rourkela is a complete medical ICU, CCU, NICU, and all types of emergency and non-emergency setup-based air charter medical flight service. Any patient who requires urgent base medical assistance and transfer service facility, this air ambulance is capable of transferring the needy one anytime from one city to another city. This service company caters air charter medical flight, Air Ambulance, Train Ambulance, Ground Ambulance, Ventilator Ambulance, Dead Body Transportation (worldwide), Ambulance with Freezer Box, Coffin Box, Mortuary Delivery at Home Service, Funeral Box, and stand by the emergency medical transport services to the needy people all the time in this city.
This medical service provider has all the essential and advanced medical equipment and the team regarding the patients. World Class Air Ambulance Medical Team is established with ICU Specialists, Doctors, Paramedical Technicians, ICU Nurses, and Medical Personnel, they all are available to the patients from one bed to the destination bed keeping full-time medic care supervision. World Class Air Ambulance Service from Rourkela operates a lot of medical evacuation flight via Rourkela-Delhi, Rourkela-Mumbai, Rourkela-Chennai, Rourkela-Bangalore, Rourkela-Kolkata, Rourkela-Vellore, Rourkela-Chandigarh, Rourkela-the referred another city hospital at all moment of time. During the medical transport service, this air ambulance service is cope with all the medical intensive care equipment sets like- Portable Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Suction Machine, Infusion Pump, Nebulizer Machine, Oxygen Cylinders, External Pacemaker, Defibrillator, Emergency Medicines and Injections as well as the whole basic and advanced life supports under the bed-2-bed transfer service system. The patient adopts the whole journey same intensive care unit accommodation where the medical journey is conducted right and left.
World Class Air Ambulance Service Cost Rourkela brings on faith among the people where any class of patients displaces with us all the time being. Actually, where the cost is lowest the people keep on running there but this is emergency medical service here quality is the first priority and after that cost is the subsidiary. World Class Air Ambulance Rourkela sets forth this medical evacuation service at very fair, loyal and affordable booking price. This is only possible when any medical service company understands its responsibility, not for the profession. This company always takes the least profit by which its cost is lower than the others for all the time.

Why World Class Air Ambulance Service Rourkela is for the Patients:
✓ Emergency Medical Expert Team (Doctors, Paramedical Technicians, ICU Medical Staff)
✓ Emergency Medical Equipment (All the Required and Essential Equipment and supports)
✓ Emergency Medical ICU Set up (This Medical Set Up is Covered with the Patient Whole Time)
✓ Emergency Medical Transfer Facility (Completely Stabilized and Conducted under Bed-2-Bed)
✓ Emergency Medical Service Availability (24/7 Hour Service is Available to the Needy one Anywhere)