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Corpse Freezer Box

World Class Air Ambulance Service Delhi offers all types of Corpse Freezer Boxes to transfer the sacred souls from one city to another city. This ambulance service provider is a well-equipped morgue freezer box service. World Class Freezer Box Service is accessible to all the classes of people in India and out of India. This ambulance service provider is serving the sacred souls transportation privileges round the clock.

Generally, the freezer box has a temperature between 2°C to 5°C but some cases freezing temperature is up to 0°C, -10°C and -15°C. World Class Ambulance Service maintains all the temperatures of Freezer Box during the transportation time. The freezer box temperature range is 2°C to 8°C and the controller is Digital PID controller where the corpse gets the sanitized accommodation.

World Class Air Ambulance and Freezer Box Service is active 24 hours to dispatch the corpse anywhere in India and abroad. We offer all types of freezer box-like- Stainless Steel, Wooden, and Metals. In India, Mortuary Wagons and Commercial Airlines are used to dispatch the corpse freezer box service.

The required person whenever requires this freezer box service to displace from one city to another city. He can call us anytime; we are available online on the phone and help the people. World Class manages this freezer box service from one place to the determined place with all the rituals and salvation methods. Only a little bit of cost is demandable for this body’s box.