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Top Level Some Hi-tech and Advanced Super Specialty Hospitals in Bhopal: Noble Multi-Specialty Hospital, Akshaya Heart Hospital, Chirayu Medical College and Hospital, Bansal Hospital, Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre, Bhopal Fracture Hospital, Aggrawal’s Bombay Children Hospital, R. R. Hospital, B. S. Sacklecha Hospital and Trauma Centre, Asha Niketan Hospital, ASG Eye Hospital, and Vardan Hospital

Welcome to World Class Train Ambulance Service in Bhopal, Madhya Pradeshis the most loyal and highly responsible medic care service provider for all faculties of severe or general patients. This is the 24/7 service provider that provides fast response, high medical-quality, full of satisfaction, intensive care supervision, and quick service facility. The patients from Bhopal anywhere travel along with us to get their higher treatment, surgery, or any recommended medical safety.

ORIGIN DESTINATION TRAIN NO/NAME Departure-Arrival Time Duration(Hours) Action
BHOPAL JN-BPL H NIZAMUDDIN-NZM 22691/ RAJDHNI EXP (Daily) 21:30-05:55 08:25
12541/ GKP LTT SUP EXP (Daily)
12533/ PUSPAK EXPRESS (Daily)
BHOPAL JN-BPL SECUNDERABAD JN- SC 22692/ BANGALORE RAJDHNI (Daily) 04:40-18:25 04:40-18:25
BHOPAL JN-BPL MGR CHENNAI CTL – MAS 12622/ TAMIL NDAU EXP (Daily) 07:55-07:10 23:15
BHOPAL JN-BPL KATPADI JN- KPD 12626/ KERALA EXP (Daily) 21:50-23:08 25:18
BHOPAL JN-BPL HOWRAH JN- HWH 22911/ SHIPRA EXP (Wed, Fri, Sat) 04:10-06:50 26:40
About World Class Train Ambulance Service in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

About World Class Train Ambulance Service in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is ready for transferring all types of severe patients to another city. This service provider is serving the city patients for 24/7 hours to help them lifting to another city super specialty hospital. Our highly experienced ICU Specialists Medical Team (MD, Doctor, Paramedic Technician, ICU Nurse, and Personnel) conduct this train medical transfer service for the patients’ sake. The entire medical journey is covered with all the emergency portable medical equipment like- Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Suction Machine, Infusion Pump, Nebulizer Machine, Defibrillator, External Pacemaker, Oxygen Cylinders, Emergency Medicines, and the essential life stocks. The ICU expert medical team takes care of the patients from the primary place to the destination place having a keen and regular intensive eye on the patient’s care. The service is fully cot on the bed to bed under India’s top-notch medical service system. br> Our responsibility and Dedication for the patients ensure our identification for this railway medical transport service. We always demand our authentic and real booking price for World Class Train Ambulance Cost in Bhopal from the guests. We are serving the care for life and it is priceless, that’s why we focus on quality, reality, and trust where we provide our best one service for the patient.

Why People choose World Class Train Ambulance Service in Bhopal:
✓ We do provide advanced-featured ICU caring Bed-to-Bed Service and Privileges
✓ We and Our Advanced ICU Medical Team Unit take the full-responsibility for the Patients
✓ We provide all the portable sets of hi-tech and advanced medical equipment and devices
✓ We never compromise with quality whether we can and or not because Life is Priceless
✓ We are associated with all over in India with Cardiac Ground Ambulance Services

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